See for yourself how safe the DERMAPEN treatment is

DERMAPEN is the most technologically advanced device for fractional microneedling of the skin. Thanks to the pulsating needle system which facilitates the delivery of active substances into the epidermis and the dermis, it offers unparalleled stimulation of fibroblasts to the production of collagen and elastin.

The procedures involving DERMAPEN can be carried out all over the case, neck, cleavage, stomach, thighs, buttocks or head skin. DERMAPEN boosts the regenerative processes of the skin in a natural way. This offers excellent results for patients with flaccid and thin skin where it stimulates the natural processes of new collagen formation. Already after the first procedure the skin is more flexible, firmer and better toned, and after a series of applications, the smaller wrinkles become less visible.

The function of automatic needling included in the DERMAPEN additionally improves the effectiveness of the treatment by increasing the extent to which the active substances pass into the skin, at the same time by minimizing the pain and discomfort.


The procedure with DERMAPEN lasts for about 30-45 minutes. The skin is anaesthetised using a cream then disinfected thoroughly. The device offers a unique possibility to adjust the depth of the needle penetration depending on the area, indication and the skin thickness. The microneedling ranges between .5mm to 2.5mm in depth, adjustable even during the procedure. This way, after covering the skin with the appropriate mixture of vitamins and peptides, the doctor performs several passes with the Dermapen to cover the skin as thoroughly as possible.

During the procedure, the skin becomes uniformly red, some local bleeding can occur.

Despite a deep penetration of up to 2.5mm bruises and haematomas do not occur. Directly after the procedure the patient feels heat and a slight stinging sensation. We recommend using the IPLase mask which, thanks to its properties of healing acceleration, will ease the reddening and the swelling without inhibiting the inflammation state. The IPLase mask additionally contains the activators of thermal shock proteins which make the skin cool down naturally and eases the skin irritated by the procedure.

The next day the skin may be pink and tense as if after a slight sunburn.

After 3-4 days there may be slight peeling of the skin.

After 5-7 days you can enjoy the full effects of the DERMAPEN therapy.

The mechanism

  • stimulation of production of collagen and elastin
  • stimulation of fibroblasts by the activity of the platelet-derived growth factors
  • enhanced density and flexibility of the skin

Is the procedure painful?

The procedure is performed after applying the pain-blocking Emla cream and is fully painless. Directly after the procedure slight itching and brief stinging sensations are possible. For several days after the procedure the skin can be reddened and swollen. There may also be some pain and sensitivity to touch. This state is a normal response of the skin to the procedure, it does not require any other activities as it passes by itself.

As after every puncturing of the skin there may by some haematomas.

Indications after the procedure

  • You can resume your normal activity after the procedure
  • It is recommended to apply special cosmetics on the affected areas to reduce the post-procedure swelling.
  • Avoid the sun and solarium completely for 6 weeks following the procedure.


  • The procedure with DERMAPEN is more effective and safer than the other known mesotherapy and microneeding methods.
  • It significantly reduces the treatment period and allows the patient to resume normal activity sooner
  • The device contains 12 single-use, replaceable molybdenum needles 33G thick. Molybdenum is considered to be the most advanced material for surgical instruments.
  • The needles do not contain chromium or nickel and are therefore suitable for persons with allergies to those metals.
  • The precise adjustment of the injection depth during the procedure (between .25mm and 2.5mm) and variable puncturing speed allow for full control over the procedure.

DERMAPEN is the fastest device with about 1300 punctures every second.

The main indications for the procedure:

  • Small, shallow wrinkles,
  • Stretch marks
  • Post-acne, surgical and burn scars,
  • Flaccid skin,
  • Hand rejuvenation,
  • Face, neck, cleavage skin revitalization,
  • Non-uniform color and structure of skin,
  • Dilated skin pores,
  • Thin skin,
  • Poorly-nourished skin,
  • Greyish skin,
  • Support for hair loss therapy.


The main contraindications for the DERMAPEN microneedling are:

  • Cancers,
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding,
  • Present herpes,
  • Present inflammatory, acute acne,
  • Active inflammation at the site of injection.


DERMAPEN is a very versatile instrument and can be used to run procedures on the entire face, neck, stomach, thighs, buttocks or head skin. Thanks to its small size, it is possible to use DERMAPEN even in hard-to-reach places like the areas surrounding the eyes or the mouth.


The number of procedures needed depends on the condition and the individual skin issue.

Already after the first procedure the skin is more flexible, firm and toned. Its color and structure are visibly improved.

In order to achieve a noticeable and long-lasting improvement of the skin condition in most cases more than one procedure is necessary (just like with most laser treatments).

To improve the general condition and rejuvenate the skin it is recommended to undergo 203 procedures at 4-week intervals. After half a year, the procedure should be repeated.


After the DERMAPEN procedures we achieve:

  • visibly shallower wrinkles
  • effect of skin thickening
  • natural stimulation of collagen production
  • reduction of the pore visibility
  • reduction of the stretchmarks visibility
  • reduction of acne and burn scars
  • uniform skin color
  • improvement of skin condition
  • increased flexibility and toning of the skin
  • hair loss treatment.