Chemical peelings

Medicinal peelings are professional procedures of peeling at different skin levels. They are an effective method for minimizing cosmetic defects and preventing skin aging.

The general indications for peelings are acne, acne-resultant scars, symptoms of sun-induced skin aging, various coloring disorders and skin taints, seborrheic skin, stretchmarks and others.

The exact type of peeling is decided individually by the doctor after evaluating the skin condition and considering the patient’s needs.

Our clinic offers the patients a wide range of peeling procedures with different intensities.

The most popular, superficial skin peeling is Mandel 50% - a peeling procedure based on 50% of almond acid, citric acid, quercetin and phytic acid.


  • acne and acne-resultant scars
  • seborrheic skin with dilated pores
  • photo-aging of delicate and seborrheic skin.

The procedures should be repeated every 7-15 days and in order to obtain a permanent result, it is recommended to perform a series of 6-8 procedures. Mandel 50% - a peeling procedure based on 50% of almond acid, citric acid, quercetin, phytic acid, thiolactic acid.


  • photo-aging (sun-induced skin aging)
  • acne, seborrheic skin
  • melasma
  • pigmentation irregularities
  • post-inflammatory discolorations
  • freckles.

These substances have an anti-aging effect, they intensify and accelerate skin remodelling.

Mandel 60 - based on 60% almond acid, enriched with an anti-oxidative and chelating substances cocktail.


  • Seborrheic skin photo-aging
  • acne on very sensitive skin